Peace & Order

The Cardona Philippine National Police Force headquarters is located at Rizal St., Brgy. Real, a few meters away from the municipal building. The actual police strength in the municipality in 2009 is twenty-two (22). The local police force has one (1) ISUZU patrol vehicle, several short and long firearms, and two-way radios.

Current (2009) police to population ratio is at 1:1,913. Based on the minimum standard requirement ratio of one (1) policeman for every one thousand (1,000) population, there is an immediate need to augment the police force with another 23 more personnel. By the year 2010, the local PNP should have a force of forty-seven (27) personnel.

For the period January to December 2009, the total crime volume is registered at thirty-six (36), 105% higher than that of 2008 that had thirty-four (34) incidents. Crime volume classified and divided into two, the Index and Non-Index where Index Crimes registered a total of twelve (12) 60% lower than that of 2008 which is twenty (20). The non-index crimes registered a number of twenty-six (26), 54% higher that that of last year’s fourteen (14) crime incidents.

There is a noticeably 10.5% high incidence of crime in the area as compared to that of last year’s. The reason for the increase maybe due to unsustained police to population ratio despite of the initiated operations conducted against illegal activities.

Crime Solution Efficiency is 100% while the Average Monthly Crime Rate is recorded at 7.19%.