Most of the settlement areas in Cardona are located near the rim of Laguna de Bay. Except for the upland barangays of Del Remedio and Iglesia, the remaining sixteen (16) barangays are considered lakeshore communities.

The total number of occupied dwelling units in 2000 was 7,854 with 7,756 classified as single houses. If a 1:1 ratio between number of households (7,800) and number of dwelling units is followed, Cardona then has a total housing backlog of 20 units in 2000.

In the National Statistics Office (NSO) survey of 2000 showed that 45% of total houses surveyed (3,542 out of 7,854) were made of strong materials. Those houses made up of mixed, light, salvaged materials, not reported and no walls were 1,739 (22.14%), 2,332 (29.69%), 34 (0.43%), 201 (2.55%) and 6 (0.07%) respectively. Furthermore, majority (65.08%) of the households surveyed owns the dwelling units they live in, 22.14% are renting for free and with consent of the owner, 7.30% are renters, 0.20% are renting for free but without consent of the owner and 5.26% are not reported neither applicable. Rental rates in the municipality range from PhP 1,500.00 to PhP 3,500.00 a month.

One of the flagship programs of this Administration is to provide equal housing opportunities for the homeless residents of Cardona. At the kick-off of the program, the Local Government Unit provided eighty-three (83) housing units for the victims of Typhoons Ondoy and Peping particularly those who live along the lakeshore areas.

The project is through the effort of Mayor Jun San Juan by coordinating with various Government and Non-Government Organizations. The LGU facilitated the purchase of lot with around 5,722 square meters located in Sitio Balayong, Calahan, Cardona, Rizal, and coordinated Congressman Isidro S. Rodriguez, Jr., Rizal and with Governor Camisiro A. Ynares,III, Governor of the Rizal Provincial Government .

The project was partly funded by International Organization for Migration (IOM) —an International Non-Government Organization (INGO) who took charge of the construction of all of the houses while Plan Philippines, another INGO took responsibility of the construction of Water System in the site.

The payment of the lot and houses will be repaid by the beneficiaries starting ________ at P________ / month, to be repaid directly to the Office of the Municipal _____________.


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